Company Profile

     Established in 1988, Taiwan Decanter Co., Ltd. specializes in chemical machinery design, manufacturing and whole plant turn-key. The annual turnover is about 200 million Taiwan dollars (US$650,000). The company started its creation. Training of talents. Enrichment of software and hardware equipment. Introduction of new technologies. Establishment of systems. Development of new products, etc. to enhance the overall competitiveness of the company. Create good and reliable goodwill. Trust and love of the industry customers. The various types of professional equipment produced and sold by the company have been well received. In order to implement the stability of quality and the requirements of the domestic industrial inspection community, we have obtained the jacket type, half tube type reactor and shell and tube heat exchanger and high pressure special vessel production license. Certificate, and officially obtained the ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers certification at April of 2019.

    The company is a professional equipment manufacturer of petrochemical and special chemicals industry. Based on customer demand, it has successfully developed multi-axis high viscosity reactor for hydraulic lifting, continuous steel belt cooling resin granulator. Vacuum suction filtration Hybrid dryer. Currently working with ITRI to develop high- and low-viscosity thin film evaporators, super-gravity separators, high-pressure reactor, and in recent years, cooperation at high boiling points (NMP, N-300) And low-boiling solvent (IPA.MIBK.MeOH...) and other distillation recovery equipment design and manufacture. Provide perfect services for Taiwan and the world,

     Taiwan Decanter Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the export of chemical whole plant equipment to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Spain and Mainland China since 1989. Since 1993, it has been specialized in the production and processing of PU.PET artificial PU synthetic leather resin reaction equipment. Factory output and other services. It has a great track record and reputation in the Chinese mainland market. The market covers all provinces in the mainland China. Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Henan, Hebei, Hubei, Anhui, Shandong, etc. and in the month of 1999. Completed BASF China Nansha Plant PU Construction Project in Guangdong. Completed the construction of Singapore Bio-Diesel in 2006..

      Based on special market demand. The company will import titanium alloy (Ti GR.2), and dual-phase steel (S32750), high-nickel alloy steel (HC-276, HC-22) to make chemical equipment. Containing Reactor, heat exchanger, centrifugal dewatering machine, dryer, distillation tower, storage tank, piping, etc... It is a professional chemical equipment that can resist corrosion. Thanks to the advanced teaching from all walks of life.


Quality : the concept of perfection

Integrity : good faith in mutual trust

Innovation : the concept of lifelong learning

Environmental protection : the concept of sustainable development

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